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Illegal Mobile Phone Use Still Rife

Posted in General News on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

The latest statistics from the RAC Report on Motoring show that 25% of the motorists surveyed across all age groups admitted to making and receiving voice calls illegally while driving. This figure rises to 49% across 17-24 year olds. The data also showed that 30% of the people surveyed in this age group admitted to conducting video calls while driving. The report suggests that illegal mobile phone use while driving now ranks as the fourth biggest concern amongst motorists in the UK. The RAC’s Road Safety Spokesman, Rod Dennis said: “We suspect the main reason for this is the lack of enforcement which means there is little fear of being caught. As it’s impossible to have a police officer on every street corner, we urge more police forces to begin trialling camera-based technology that can automatically detect drivers breaking the law in this way. We know from our research that drivers are broadly supportive of cameras being used for this purpose. Without the dial being turned up on enforcement, there’s every chance we will never bring about the change needed to curb this behaviour. Ultimately, we have to make using a handheld phone at the wheel as socially unacceptable as drink-driving.” 

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