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Blue Badge Protector Now Available in Halfords

Posted in General News on Thursday, October 19th, 2023

The Blue Badge Protector, a popular and effective device for safeguarding disabled people’s Blue Badges, has made its shop debut. This product is now accessible on the shelves of over 200 Halfords stores across the country. 

Blue Badge theft causes untold inconvenience and distress. This is where the Blue Badge Protector comes in, providing a robust line of defence against such malicious intents. 

For many, online shopping can be accompanied by concerns over delivery delays and extra costs. With the product’s launch in Halfords, these concerns became a thing of the past. Not only will customers save on delivery charges, but the physical availability also offers the immediate satisfaction of purchase.  

A Blue Badge Protector Spokesperson said "We are immensely pleased to bring the Blue Badge Protector to a wider audience through this partnership with Halfords," said Jarred Haines - Halfords Buyer Travel Equipment. "Being available in-store means we can ensure even more Blue Badge holders have the peace of mind they deserve, and we are looking forward to serving the disabled community more efficiently and effectively." 

The Blue Badge Protector is now available in 236 Halfords stores across the UK as well as Halfords online. Protect your peace of mind, protect your badge.  

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Cyril's Gravatar

Monday, October, 23rd, 2023

These Badge Protectors are effective but please warn buyers not to forget to take their key along with the holder if using another car, I have one of these and once had a real problem when parked at a local supermarket when having to use another car, I'd taken the badge holder but completely forgot about taking the key, and on parking up fastened the badge holder through the steering wheel as was normal for me to do, however on returning I realised I hadn't got the key for the badge holder lock. The only thing I could think of was to ask in the supermarket if they had any bolt cutters to cut through the steel cable lock, I was told they had for when they had problems with the locks on trolleys, however I was then sent from person to person asking for help and not one was willing or said they couldn't help when I'd explained my predicament, and this the supermarket that says 'they are happy to help.' I even asked a RAC man who had called to shop in his van, I was a member and told him so, he wouldn't help either and told me to call a taxi and go and collect a key from some miles away. I didn't renew with them again. In the end I struggled to walk to a DIY store 1/4 mile away and bought a bolt cutter to cut the cable, I never did buy a replacement cable lock for fear of that happening again. Being a 70 year old with a walking stick and hardly being able to walk far never mind run, I must have looked really shifty if they thought I was trying to steal a car that had a disabled badge with my photo on that was locked onto the steering wheel.