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The Travel Like You Know Them Campaign

Posted in General News on Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

The government has relaunched the 'Travel Like you Know Them' campaign to improve road safety. The aim of the campaign is to help road users to see beyond the mode of transport they are using and consider the impact that their actions are having on other road users. The focus is on those who have a greater responsibility to reduce the risk they may cause to others.  
This campaign has come following last year’s changes to the Highway Code. Therefore, drivers are being encouraged to give priority at junctions to people cycling straight ahead and people waiting to cross or already crossing the road. They are also being asked to pass horse riders at under 10mph, allow at least two metres of space, and to keep to a low speed when passing people walking on the road. 

Drivers are required to leave at least 1.5 metres when overtaking cyclists at speeds of up to 30mph. More space should be allocated to cyclists when they are being overtaken at higher speeds. The campaign also reminds drivers that cyclists may ride two abreast or in the centre of the lane if it is safer to do so. They are encouraged to pull in when safe to allow vehicles to overtake. 

Roads Minister, Richard Holden said “We have some of the safest roads in the world and will continue to strive to improve road safety for all users. It is fantastic that the Travel Like You Know Them campaign is back to continue to raise awareness of these important changes and to change behaviour on our roads to help keep those more at risk safe.” 

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embayweather's Gravatar

Wednesday, August, 16th, 2023

In my day it was called courtesy. All road users used it and expected it. Nowadays it is a one was street (forgive the pun), especially being disabled you become invisible. Many motorists seem to drive in a bubble without any awareness of what is going on around them, as indeed to cyclists and pedestrians. Driving conditions are awful now, simply because of a bilateral lack of courtesy.

Mrs Jacqueline Drea's Gravatar
Mrs Jacqueline Drea

Monday, August, 21st, 2023

People parking on the corner of a main road and side street, very close to my house, I made a complaint to the police who visited the car owner and she had no empathy whatsoever with any wheelchair users like myself or children crossing the road who would not be seen by oncoming traffic round the corner. I've spoken to the husband who could not care less. the police pointed out to me there is no law against fully parking on the pavement on the corner and he advised me to take a different route to which i was very annoyed. The car owner was totally oblivious to any injury a small child/wheelchair user could sustain or even death. Terrible man stared at me and said 'you have a dropped kerb' there what more do you want? The laws should be changed so that no one can park obstructing public paths used by all people whether blind or a small child. Also often I am about to cross side road/actively crossing side road and cars whizz round the corner which makes it worse when electric cars can be so silent. There is a new rule but again drivers are not informed/don't want to know about this new rule in giving way to people crossing the side road.