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Most Common Reasons for MOT Failure

Posted in General News on Friday, May 26th, 2023

The insurance broker, One Sure Insurance has anaylised DVLA’s MOT data for 2021 to discover the most common reasons why cars fail their MOTs. Top of the list were worn or damaged tyres. Poor condition or not meeting the required 1.6mm of tread depth was the reason 1,101,839 cars failed.  In second place, accounting for 1,069,069 MOT failures, are damaged coil springs. This can be attributed to the state of Britain’s roads in many cases. The third most common reason for MOT failures was the incorrect setup of headlights in terms of aim. This was the reason for 806,993 MOT failures. The study of the data also revealed that, of the 38,155,866 MOT tests carried out on all classes of vehicles in 2021, almost one in five resulted in failure. A One Sure Insurance Spokesperson said: The research sheds light on critical areas of concern for vehicle owners. The results can be helpful for drivers who want to keep their vehicles in good condition and pass the MOT inspection with flying colours. It's essential for all drivers to take note of these findings and address any potential issues before an inspection. This proactive approach can help drivers avoid expensive repairs in the future and keep their cars running safely on the road." 

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