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Calls to Decouple Electricity and Gas Prices

Posted in General News on Monday, February 20th, 2023

The electric vehicle (EV) campaigning group FairCharge has called for the government to decouple the wholesale price of electricity from gas. This would promptly reduce the cost of charging EVs. FairCharge and the RAC are calling on the Government’s to urgently publish the results of its Review of Electricity Market Arrangements – which closed for consultation last October – so the decoupling process can begin. The review states that gas prices often end up setting the price of electricity because gas fired power stations are often used as a last source of supply to meet demand. However, if decoupling took place the cheaper electricity generated from renewable sources would in time determine the price more often therefore bringing down the cost of energy for businesses and consumers as well as encouraging more people to make the switch to EV. 

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Norman Lovatt's Gravatar
Norman Lovatt

Monday, February, 20th, 2023

How are Disabled drivers supposed to afford Electric Vehicles.They are very expensive.

Charmaine's Gravatar

Monday, February, 20th, 2023

Good idea!

Sean Corcoran's Gravatar
Sean Corcoran

Wednesday, February, 22nd, 2023

I agree with Norman, when you get your car through Motability that encourage you to go electric or hybrid (plug-in /self charge). Since October 2021 charging my car to 80% used to cost £0.49 per KWH and now stands at a stupid £1.05 per KWH. Which considering it’s all coming from renewable energy sources but no explanation despite the hourly charge is more than double per KWH currently. Also on the subject of charging points and locations I feel we are being discriminated against, if you think about it disabled bays are close to the main entrance to most facilities. However if you are a disabled driver with a plug in EV driver then charging points are at the furthest point await from the main entrance which isolates us further. Sorry it’s a bit of a rants it wasn’t my original intentions.

Lane's Gravatar

Wednesday, May, 10th, 2023

They want us to have EV but getting home based charging points are a battle. When you order the the EV there is no mention that you ought to have a driveway. The showroom just asks have you a parking space which is different. Some landlords are non co operative