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The Most Dangerous Drivers can be Handed Life Sentences

Posted in General News on Friday, July 15th, 2022

Following the implementation of the Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Act judges now have more power to tackle the UK’s most dangerous drivers. Life sentences can now be handed down to those who kill by dangerous driving and issue life orders to 18–20-year-olds. The life sentences can also apply to those who cause death by careless driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These changes were first proposed in October 2017 but were only introduced last week. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said: “This Government is delivering on its commitment to make our streets safer. We have changed the law so that dangerous criminals are given the sentences they deserve and kept behind bars, and we are backing the police with the powers they need to keep us safe.”

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Clive .Littlehales's Gravatar
Clive .Littlehales

Friday, July, 15th, 2022

Should of been done years ago.

Pat Mathewson's Gravatar
Pat Mathewson

Saturday, July, 16th, 2022

I welcome the life sentences for serious driving offences. I have long campaigned by letters to MPs that dangerous drivers should AT LEAST be banned from driving for life, especially if they have been drinking. Some are so taken up with their cars and driving that I believe it would act as a deterrent.

David's Gravatar

Sunday, July, 17th, 2022

Each person that gains a license to drive a motor vehicle should understand how this can enrich their lives, not just by the freedom that this can bring a person, but also with the knowledge that they have taken and overcome the challenge of learning to handle a motor vehicle safely. Unfortunately, all too often the responsibility that goes with owning and driving a car was never impressed upon quite a lot of these drivers, or after passing the test they then have the mindset that the law no longer applies to them, how often do we see drivers operating their vehicles in a selfish, reckless and quite often a dangerous manner, often with no regard whatever for other road users, this initiative from the government is long overdue, and should be welcomed by reasonable people,

stuwinston's Gravatar

Tuesday, July, 26th, 2022

Why is the Life Orders restricted to 18-20yr-olds ?? ? this should apply to All ? The Police and law the Government are not doing enough to spell out the true cost to the public cost of their action ,attitude to forces , paramedics, nurses, doctors etc the abuse they have to put up with after night out with excessive alcohol ,drugs in their body , especially after they kill innocent people , and the lasting effect on the devastated families that lost someone.