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Parking Enforcement Officers Want Parking Fines to Increase

Posted in General News on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Parking Enforcement Operators have sparked anger by proposing that parking fines be increased to £120. The British Parking Association (BPA) is calling for the increase. However, the government is proposing to lower the fine to £50. The BPA raised the concern that this would make drivers more likely to flout the law. Furthermore, the £50 fine would be reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days. The BPA is again concerned that this would encourage some drivers to simply pay the fine and not worry about breaking parking rules. The BPA’s Chief Executive, Andrew Pester said: “We are calling on the Government to reconsider its proposal to reduce the level of parking charge and to further engage with landowners and parking operators to ensure a sufficient deterrent, which is effective and improves compliance with parking rules.” However, RAC Head of Roads Policy Nicholas Lyes responded by saying: “No driver ever tries to get a parking charge notice, so the idea a lower penalty cap will mean more fines being dished out is baseless. The majority simply want to park, abide by the rules, do their business and leave the car park without incident.”

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Nigel Blair's Gravatar
Nigel Blair

Tuesday, January, 18th, 2022

Parking Enforcement operators would be better spending their day by issuing parking enforcement notices to those drivers who constantly park their vehicles on footpaths as they are causing so much hardship to disabled adults & children who find not enough room to get pet pass parked vehicles, I know many say that is what traffic wardens are for but they can not be everywhere especially in the housing estates on the edge off major towns, car drivers who work in town but do not to drive into town but what they do is to park in the outskirts & then walk to their offices etc, all these cars parked on the edge off cities cause problems for the residents as they again can be found to be parked on residents footpaths, why must the constantly go after motorists who want to park in reconised car parks for a hour or so to do shopping & then return home. These car park companies who hide parking notices then record number plates coming in & going out then the motorists receive a fine through the post when many motorist never seen any parking notices

Andrew Mitchell's Gravatar
Andrew Mitchell

Sunday, January, 23rd, 2022

Where as I agree with Nigel regarding parking on pavements and across dropdown kerbs, these are not the operators that are asking for the increase. The ones wanting the increase are the private operators that get contracts to police private land. Many use cameras to record your entry and exiting the car park and provide no patrols and in many cases no security or maintenances. All they want is your hard earned cash, quite often there is no conception for blue badge holders.