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Safety Rating System in Development for Autonomous Driving Technology

Posted in General News on Monday, September 20th, 2021

Thatcham Research is working in conjunction with Euro NCAP to develop a safety rating system for autonomous driving technology. The hope is that this system will be adopted by crash testers. Known as the ‘Proof of Concept’ the system will use various testing procedures to measure the effectiveness of driver aids such as Autonomous Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS). In April the government announced that ALKS, which works in conjunction with adaptive cruise control and steers the vehicle to keep it in lane, will be legalised for use on motorways at speeds of up to 37mph, essentially limiting its use to traffic jams. The legalisation was supposed to have been drawn up later this year, and once this happens it will be the first time that UK drivers have been legally permitted to put the responsibility of driving in the hands of their vehicle’s technology. Chief Executive of Thatcham Research, Jonathan Hewett, commented: “The advent of automated driving promises to bring a host of benefits spanning safety, mobility and the environment. To realise this potential, we are developing an independent consumer safety rating scheme to foster confidence in the technology and its ability to control the vehicle. Not all automated driving systems will be made equal. Therefore, an independent consumer safety rating will drive best practice, while helping consumers to make informed choices and trust that it is safe to relinquish control.” 

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