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Health and Disability Green Paper

Posted in General News on Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

The Health and Disability Green Paper explores how the benefits system could be improved for those with disabilities and/or health conditions. The ideas in this consultation include, exploring the potential for long term use of telephone and video assessments, working to personalise employment support partly through the introduction of the Work and Health Programme, potentially introducing a simplified application process for those with severe and life-long conditions which will not improve so that there wouldn’t be a need for assessment, and more.

The consultation which began with the launch of the Green Paper will continue for the next 11 weeks and the government is keen to hear from disabled people and people with health conditions, and their representatives about the approaches that could be taken to improve the benefits system. Following the consultation detailed proposals will appear in a White Paper next year. The Green Paper and the consultation are available at         

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chrisk's Gravatar

Thursday, July, 29th, 2021

Quote… “for those with severe and life-long conditions which will not improve so that there wouldn't be a need for assessment,” Now where have I seen this before….oh yes, we used to have DLA with indefinite awards now we have the wonderful PIP all with timed awards but if your lucky, or unlucky you take them to tribunal where the judge says “it would be unappropriated to give Mr Disabled person a short term award.” I can’t say in the past 25 years I have not seen a government that can actually govern and change their minds with the wind meanwhile causing all untold stress to the disabled.