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Public Transport Accessibility Improvements

Posted in General News on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

The Accessibility Transport Research and Innovation Grant has offered funding to five different technology companies that have made various innovations to improve transport accessibility and assistance. These innovations include virtual reality (VR) simulations of rail journeys and stations and a journey planning app which gives its users the opportunity to video call to request assistance. Another innovation is designed to improve channels of communication between airport staff and their disabled customers. The successful firms will receive a share of almost £600,000 to launch their innovations and the trial period will be completed by the end of November this year. Chris Heaton-Harris, Accessibility Minister said: “These 5 innovative projects will help make our transport network more open, stress-free and simple for disabled passengers, and I’m proud that we’re investing in unique technology to improve accessibility across the UK. We’re committed to making transport accessible for all and this investment, along with the Inclusive Transport Strategy, will build a better, fairer network for the future.” 

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Paul Goodall's Gravatar
Paul Goodall

Friday, July, 30th, 2021

it’s ok to concentrate on Airports they are great and very helpful. Trains need easier access. The main thing is public transport I.e Busses. They new Busses are difficult to access because the right angle turn is too tight for Electric Powered Wheelchair the have post inside this reduces access I have given up using Buses because of the lousy access. There are coaches with Blue Badge Symbols on them. They can’t take electric wheelchairs it’s easy to rectify remove one seat put in two runners that can take lockdowns to clamp wheelchairs. I worked with Stagecoach they said it was very easy to take Electric Powered Wheelchairs it’s Government PSV and Vosa that need to catch up because legislation is 20 years out of date. I’m happy to work with Bus companies on this mater. You have my email you can pass it to any willing Bus Company. I really hope someone reads this because life is dreadful when your in a EP Wheelchair as the problems are so easy to rectify.