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SSEN and DMUK Work to Improve EV Accessibility

Posted in General News on Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is the first electricity company to investigate the accessibility of the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. With the help of DMUK as a project partner SSEN interviewed disabled motorists and automotive industry experts to determine the challenges that disabled motorists face when it comes to making the switch to an EV.  Four Primary barriers to the uptake of EVs were Identified, these were: 

  • Accessibility of chargepoints, to ensure drivers can access and use chargepoints  
  • Costs, including high upfront costs and additional costs for modifications  
  • Range anxiety, including ensuring disabled motorists do not become vulnerable if EVs run out of charge   
  • Different manufacturers and charging compatibilities mean that drivers have to seek specific guidance and support 

The full report on the first phase of the Equal EV project can be downloaded and viewed at DMUK’s knowledge of EVs and the EV infrastructure is growing all the time and we are keen to learn as much as we can from you as members of DMUK. Therefore, if you would like to share your views or experiences of using EVs to assist our work with this project please email 

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Cecilia Clifford's Gravatar
Cecilia Clifford

Friday, July, 16th, 2021

I am due to change my car next year I was considering going electric but what will happen with the cost of having a charging point at your home plus what also happens if you privately rent how will that work out?