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Government Funds Railway Accessibility Improvements

Posted in General News on Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

The government has set aside £5.3 million to improve rail services across the country part of this funding will be used to make rail travel more accessible for disabled people. One of the projects will ensure that passengers with hearing impairments do not miss vital updates thanks to the implementation of AI technology. 

  • This is just one of the 17 projects being funded. six of these projects are focused on accessibility. The competition for funding was run in conjunction with Innovate UK. other accessibility projects set to share the £5.3 million worth of funding offered by the government include:  
  • The implementation of QR codes around stations to allow train managers to directly input important information on platform changes and service alterations. These codes will also act as a database for accessible information, ensuring passengers have all the information they need.  
  • An online journey planner will also be introduced to provide up-to-date information on key facilities, such as where accessible toilets are located at stations and trains and whether they’re open and in use, giving passengers more confidence when planning journeys.  
    Part of the funding will also be used to install kiosk systems on platforms. This would be akin to pressing a button on a bus to let the driver know to stop – in rural areas where passengers currently must physically flag down trains, which can cause difficulties for those with mobility needs.  

Rail Minister, Huw Merriman, said “We’re spending more than £5 million on modernising train journeys, improving the experience for some of the most vulnerable passengers and using cutting-edge technology to do so. The projects announced today have the potential to make a huge difference to passengers, whether that’s being able to read important announcements or locate accessible facilities. I’m proud of the support we’ve been able to show through this competition to drive towards a more innovative, inclusive and better value-for-money rail network.” 

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