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Councils Urged to improve Taxi and PHV Accessibility

Posted in General News on Monday, November 20th, 2023

The government urges councils to follow recently issued government guidelines and work to make taxis and private hire vehicles more accessible. The new guidelines released on 17th November state theta councils must act against drivers who discriminate against disabled people and guide dog owners, issuing fines and suspending licences where required. PHV operators, meanwhile, are encouraged to identify a passenger's accessibility needs before they take a booking, to ensure an appropriate vehicle is provided. 

The guidance also states that councils should incentivise the uptake of wheelchair accessible vehicles, (WAVs) and make sure they are suitable for different passengers with a wide range of varying disabilities. licensing authorities should ensure their area has the appropriate range of vehicles to suit the people in their community. The Roads Minister Guy Opperman said "Disabled people rely on taxi and private hire vehicles services and it’s unacceptable for them to be unlawfully discriminated against when travelling. It’s vital these services cater for disabled people’s needs, and local authorities should take action now to ensure drivers and operators understand their duties, so everyone can travel with confidence." 

You can read the guidance in full by visiting 

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