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20mph Zones in Wales Ineffective

Posted in General News on Monday, October 30th, 2023

According to a report compiled by the independent transport data consultancy firm, Agilysis the implementation of more 20mph zones in Wales has only led to an average speed reduction of just 2.3mph. The analyised data covered a sample area and included 10,000 vehicles. Author of the report, Richard Owen, CEO of Agilysis said: “Understanding which roads are seeing lower levels of compliance could be critical in targeting education and enforcement to achieve better compliance. To add some context, the industry usually considers the top 15% – referred to as the 85th percentile – as an indication of where to look at speed management, whether that’s engineering like speed bumps or gates or some kind of enforcement. However, it seems no one can yet enforce the 20mph limits anywhere in the UK because the equipment needs to go through a type of approval process and the government system is so backlogged and has been for about a decade, things are taking an age to make it all the way through.”

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Tarhib IT's Gravatar
Tarhib IT

Monday, November, 13th, 2023

The Welsh Government has defended the 20mph limits, arguing that they have helped to reduce accidents and make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The government has also said that the limits have been implemented in a way that is fair to all road users.