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Funding Boost to Improve High Risk Roads

Posted in General News on Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Motorists across England will benefit from the Department for Transport’s £38.3 million investment that has been made to improve the quality and safety of the country’s roads. The money will be used to improve 17 of England most high risk roads. It comes on top of the £147.5 million that the government has already invested to improve 82 of the country’s most dangerous roads. Over a 20 year period it is hoped that this funding will result in far fewer fatal and serious injuries. The list of roads that have been allocated a share of the funding includes the A579 (Bolton), the A60 (Nottingham), the A583 (Lancashire) and more. Examples of the improvements that will be made are: 

  • Newly designed junctions and roundabouts 
  • Improved signage and road markings 
  • New road surfacing and landscape management 
  • Improved pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes 

The government expects this funding to save 385 lives over the next 20 years, on top of reducing congestion, improving journey times and lowering emissions. Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, said: “Britain’s roads are some of the safest in the world, but we are always looking at ways to help keep drivers and all road users safe. As part of the government’s plan to improve roads across the country, we’re providing an extra £38 million so that local councils in England have the support they need to keep everyone safe while reducing congestion and helping to grow the economy. 

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Edmund Hobby's Gravatar
Edmund Hobby

Wednesday, March, 27th, 2024

I live just off an A road in open country.Its not a Trunk road but very heavily used by Lorries. Barely week goes by without evidence of a vehicle running out of road, either by stupidity, drink/drugs or just pure inability to drive. This is all within a five mile each way drive once a week to do the shopping. Unfortunately I am using this as a soapbox, last Monday on a left hand bend I was confronted by an oncoming car cutting the bend. Thats not unusual BUT it had driving school all over it. Only one in the car so suggests the Instructor. A week back the bells and whistles on our Peugoet 2008 let rip when a lorry coming in the opposite direction was taking the adverse camber bend too fast and set off all the emergency braking warnings in the car. Perhaps whilst roads need sorting clearly there is a need for somehow improving markedly the standard of driving. All the money in the world spent on roads is of no use when drivers dont bother to drive properly. An ad on TV where the driver realises that moving to the left hand lane is a good idea. Driving on the A303 on a trip was a car that sat in the outside lane of a dual carriageway at 60 mph for miles. Nothing on the inside. Improving the road would not help with people such as this. No we are not allowed to overtake on the inside except in certain situations. Decent roads we need but we still need drivers how know how to use them.

Steven Couldwell's Gravatar
Steven Couldwell

Wednesday, March, 27th, 2024

Small beer engineering finance wise and then its spread over 20 YEARS - very POOR response to years of underfunding - 'Managed Decline!'. Government still ignoring people who can't get out of a car if they break down on all lane motorways. Their lives are NOT worth the same as everyone elses and just written off. Best advise I was given by a Highways man at Naidex, was - a) put National Highways number in your phone for emergencies. b) If you do break down and are stuck in a live lane, phone immediately and try to see a road side marker number. Finally, just HOPE no one wipes you out before help gets there.