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Parking App Problems

Posted in General News on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

A new survey of 1,387 motorists conducted by Autocar shows that 83% of the people surveyed want to see the end of parking apps. These motorists were concerned about the prospect of fraud, and some believe that certain apps are too complicated to use. The firm's research shows that motorists in the UK have a selection of 30 different parking apps which all need to be downloaded and used to allow people to park in certain areas. In response to growing concerns about the existence of so many different parking apps, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak and Transport Secretary, Mark Harper revealed plans for a ‘national parking platform’. The aim is to simplify the process of paying for parking, by making it possible for motorists to use one system wherever they are parking. At the time of the announcement, the Government stated that it will be live by Autumn 2024. RAC spokesman, Simon Williams said: “Paying for parking should be one of the simplest things any driver has to do, yet the reality has been anything but with people forced to download and register a plethora of different mobile apps depending on where they are in the country. The roll-out of the National Parking Platform therefore brings about some much-needed simplification and should make drivers’ lives easier.” 

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Mark w's Gravatar
Mark w

Wednesday, February, 7th, 2024

You're going to need a bit bigger sample population before you can say your survey shows anything worthwhile. Can a survey of 1387 people accurately represent the real views of millions? I think not!

Mrs P A Reid's Gravatar
Mrs P A Reid

Wednesday, February, 14th, 2024

I had an unsuccessful battle with a private parking firm, Napier, when the machine in a store carpark nearest to the shop and the blue badge bay was not working with a credit card so I did not get a ticket. The alternative was to walk round the large carpark with my surgical crutch supporting my five times operated on leg.... They fined me inspire of my explanation that it was not practicable for me to walk an extra l00 metres or so. When I arrived at the meter another person was having the same trouble but Napier did not believe this.

ChrisK's Gravatar

Wednesday, February, 14th, 2024

Unfortunately abled or disabled motorist are the cash cow that everyone wants to milk and profits can be boosted by apps and machines that don’t work as there suppose to. I’m waiting on a fixed penalty myself from using the free Blue Badge parking at the Bristol BRI hospital where it says on the signage “Blue Badge must be displayed at all times” then more or less suggest you take your BB to the ticket machine to varying it, go figure. It suggest elsewhere to take a photocopy of your BB and use that but that failed and beside that the nearest car park machine is about 500 metres from the space I was parked in. As for Sunak, the guy who says “I’m on the side of the motorist” while his government has screwed motorist more than any other government I’ve know in my 73 years on this planet including the 1970’s Labour ones.