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Government Funding to Upgrade London's Transport System

Posted in General News on Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

On 18th December government ministers and Transport for London (TfL) agreed to set aside £250 million worth of funding for 2024 to improve London’s transport system. Part of this money will be put towards new trains for the Piccadilly line, a scheme which will support an estimated 700 skilled rail manufacturing jobs in Yorkshire and up to 2,000 more jobs in supply chains across the country.  

In providing this funding, the government wants to continue helping TfL modernise, operate more efficiently and reach a more stable financial footing. The agreement recognises TfL has made progress in this regard and that it is on track to reach financial sustainability by the end of the financial year. As part of the deal, In July TfL will outline its plan to maintain and strengthen its finances going forward. Rail Minister, Huw Merriman, said: “We’re investing in transport across the country and today’s agreement will have a tangible, positive impact not just for people travelling in and around the capital but also the millions who visit every year. It is fair for Londoners and taxpayers, underpinning projects that will support hundreds of skilled manufacturing jobs in our vital rail sector. We have invested billions into the capital’s transport system in recent years. This investment must be well managed in a way that doesn’t unfairly burden the pockets of taxpayers and motorists.”

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Robert  Heywood's Gravatar
Robert Heywood

Wednesday, December, 27th, 2023

How come London gets so much money for its transport system? I live in the North West and the government has just cancelled the HS2 link from Birmingham which would have freed up capacity in the North West; having already cancelled the link to Leeds. Avanti West Coast is a total shambles with the worst record of cancellations and delays of any train franchise in the UK apart from Transpennine that is. Cheshire East Council has spent a vast amount of money in buying land and paying consultants to make changes to Crew station which would have been a major HS2 Hub but it it very unlikely that the government will reimburse them any expenses; this will result in Cheshire East declaring bankruptcy unless it cuts its services to the bone meaning the the local tax payer will be paying even more in taxes for considerably less council services. This is called 'levelling up'.