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Lack of EV Chargers at UK Theme Parks

Posted in General News on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

According to a study conducted by RAC Charge Watch only five of the UKs biggest theme parks offer electric vehicle EV charging services. Currently EV charging facilities are only provided by Thorpe Park in Surrey, Chessington in London, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Crealy in Devon and M&Ds in Scotland. The average number of chargers available at these theme parks is just four. When this is compared to some parts of Europe the difference is marked, Europa Park in Germany for example, offers 32 chargers. RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Even though most people visiting adventure and theme parks in electric cars will be starting out fully charged from home, many will still need to charge on the way back depending on the length of their journey and their vehicle’s range. For those travelling considerable distances to reach them it surely makes sense to have some chargers at theme parks as cars will be parked for long periods, making slower chargers ideal. It’s a little disappointing therefore to find some big-name attractions aren’t yet providing any charging facilities, but the situation is thankfully changing with several having stated they’re looking into installing chargers in the near future. We look forward to these plans becoming a reality to make drivers’ lives easier.” 

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