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UK Areas with the Most Used Cars for Sale Revealed

Posted in General News on Friday, June 30th, 2023

Research commissioned by the car finance refund experts, has shown the areas of the UK where the most second-hand cars are put up for sale. To do this the researchers examined 40,000 used car listings from Autotrader to find the areas with the highest number of second-hand cars for sale per 10,000 people. Epsom was found to have the most with 549 listings. Next on the list was Winsford with 498 listings per 10,000 people and a total of 1,699 second-hand cars for sale. In third place is the Lancashire city of Preston, with 348 second-hand cars for sale per 10,000 residents. Preston, has a total of 3,955 used cars for sale. Hatchbacks were found to be the most common type of used car sold accounting for 38% of all listings SUVs were the second most common accounting for 33%. An Spokesperson said: “This research offers valuable insight into the areas of the UK which see a disproportionately high number people trying to sell off their vehicles. The more saturated the second-hand car market is in a given area, the trickier it is going to be to sell, with many potential buyers being less willing to travel further afield to secure a slightly better deal.” 

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