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UK's Oldest Car Parks Causing Safety Concerns

Posted in General News on Monday, June 26th, 2023

The Institution of Structural engineers has stated that changes need to be made to certain multi-storey car parks in the UK so they can cope better with the extra weight of some modern SUVs, the rise of EVs and a greater amount of technology. The institute wants to make it clear that not all car parks need to be reconsidered, but in some areas, there are some very old car parks still in use that were built in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and are currently in a poor state of repair causing a safety hazard. It has been proposed that car parks should be reviewed by experts to ensure their car parks are structurally sound.   Institution Fellow, Chris Whapples said “I think a lot of old owners will opt for imposing a weight limit rather than paying for strengthening measures.” 

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Mark W's Gravatar
Mark W

Monday, June, 26th, 2023

It's very simple, put width restrictions at the entrance and EV chargers on the ground floor. Alternatively, make the spaces bigger so less vehicles are accommodated.