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1 in 2 Mobility Scooter Users Are Driving Untrained

Posted in General News on Monday, June 5th, 2023

Almost 50% of mobility scooter users have received no training to operate their vehicle, with just 12% seeking out training themselves, a recent survey from Surewise has revealed.

A mobility scooter undoubtedly gives a far greater level of independence and freedom of movement to anyone with limited mobility, but the lack of regulations on training and insurance for mobility scooter users could be putting them, and other members of the public, at a great degree of risk.

Data from Surewise revealed that almost 50% of all mobility scooter claims were as a result of accidental damage. Accidents can happen at any time, whether you have received training to correctly operate your mobility scooter or not, but not having insurance in place to cover you in the event of an accident could be financially devastating - not to mention the loss of your independence if your scooter cannot be repaired. That’s why Surewise provide a free Mobility Scooter Training Guide to ensure you can stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations.

Surewise mobility scooter insurance starts from as little as £3.85 per month and has not changed in price in even 5 years - giving mobility scooter users the confidence to use their scooter with the peace of mind that should something happen, they’re covered.

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ChrisK's Gravatar

Friday, June, 16th, 2023

1 in 2 are better odd's than the countless e-scooters going up and down my road every day. Although there supposed to have at least a provisional driving license I can't see it myself as over 1 in 2 of them are under 16 but that's alright because there not disabled. Oh and remember these scooters travel at between 15 to 40 MPH but nobody gives a hoot about that.