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Utilities Companies Taken to Task Over Potholes

Posted in General News on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Motorists across the country will benefit from smoother roads and reduced congestion as the government clamps down on utility companies for leaving potholes in roads after carrying out street works. A performance-based inspection regime has now been implemented to ensure that utility companies have the roads resurfaced to the best possible standard following the street work they carry out. This would potentially prevent thousands of potholes from developing in the future. This action comes as the government is investing more than £5.5 billion in highways maintenance by 2025. This is money which could save motorists money on expensive repairs. Highway authorities will now be charging £50 per defect inspection and a further £120 for follow-up inspections, poor performing companies will now be incentivised to perform better to avoid incurring high financial charges. The average failure rate on these inspections for utility companies is just 9%. However, the worst performing utility companies fail 63% of their inspections. Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “We’re investing more than £5.5 billion over this Parliament to maintain roads up and down the country, and today’s measures are yet another example of how this Government is on the side of motorists and other road users, leaving no stone unturned in the fight against the plague of potholes. The new street works regime is a victory for all road users, with motorists and cyclists able to enjoy smoother, safer, and less congested journeys as we continue to level up transport across the country and grow the economy.”

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