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CAA Under Review

Posted in General News on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is currently under review until the spring of 2023. This independent review is focusing on how efficiently and effectively the authority delivers its services with some attention placed on consumer rights, Its working relationship with the department for Transport, Its role as an independent regulator and more. Sir Stephen Hillier, Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority, said: “At the Civil Aviation Authority, we work tirelessly on our mission to achieve improvements in aviation and aerospace for consumers and the public. We welcome the opportunity this review presents to highlight the dedication, skill and continuous learning culture of our organisation, whilst identifying any areas for improvement. It will help ensure that we continue to be a diverse, innovative and future-focused regulator, dedicated to improving aviation safety, security and consumer interests and enabling a thriving aerospace sector."

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Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

We still NEED accessible toilets on planes! We also NEED more care taken (and punishment for those that don't! not punishment for the airlines, but the baggage handlers themselves!) with wheelchairs, manual chairs and powered chairs. The amount of chairs damaged each year is totally unacceptable and actually puts many wheelchair users off flying at all, so it is YOU that loses out in the end, because it is safer for us to drive or go on a cruise! We should also ONLY have to tell you the make, model, battery type and dimensions of our chairs ONCE when we book and ONLY get asked if it is the same chair we booked with the ticket. I don't see why I need to tell you 4 times per flight! I tell you when I book, I tell you when I get to check in, I have to tell you again at Passenger Assistance desk and then I have to tell the Assistance that puts me on the plane, How about actually communicating with each other!

Teresa Hindle's Gravatar
Teresa Hindle

Friday, September, 23rd, 2022

I had an awful experience under the hands of Norweigan Airlines which went under investigation with the CAA and they were found to be at fault .. if you would like the report I am happy to send it onto you