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Zero Emissions Zone Trailed in Oxford

Posted in General News on Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Oxford City Council has announced that its Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) will be entering a trial phase on 28th February. A small number of streets will be affected by the ZEZ during the trial period and if the trail is a success the area will expand to cover most of the city. Owners of hybrids, Euro 4 petrol vehicles and Euro 6 diesel vehicles will be charged £4 to enter the zone while owners of older vehicles will be charged £10. Crucially However, there will be an exemption for Blue Badge holders and or owners of vehicles in the disabled tax class will be exempt until August 2025, at which point a decision will be made on whether or not the exemption should be extended. More information about the ZEZ in Oxford can be found at

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Mike Brown's Gravatar
Mike Brown

Thursday, February, 17th, 2022

I wonder if the Council will miss out on the opportunity t make money come 2025. I do not go to Oxford, nor will I ever, but it is one twn that many others will follow, once again making even mre money out of cash cow car ownership. I wholeheartedly agree that emissions should be curtailed. However, I cannot afford to replace my WAV with a battery version, even if ne was available, and I am sure many in the country, including Oxford, will be in the same position. The Motorbility scheme is also unaffordable, and not good value for money so I wonder what will happen? As such schemes proliferate I and many others will be confined to our homes. There is of course public transport which will not let me on with my scooter, and the cost is quite frankly outrageous. Getting to the stop requires driving on the road, as all of the pavements are blocked by cars parked. Well there is always online shopping! Perhaps it is time someone took a real look at those of us in the real world who cannot walk, and by the real world I mean outside of London, but then again the authorities may just be to afraid to do that.