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Refuelling at Petrol Stations

If you are an unaccompanied disabled driver it can be very difficult getting the help  at petrol stations. The situation has been made even more difficult by the introduction of chip and pin as this has made paying very difficult for drivers who cannot easily get out of their vehicle, as standard card terminals cannot be used on the forecourt.

The introduction of petrol stations that are either totally self-service or unmanned at less busy times is also a worrying trend for those disabled drivers who depend on staff for assistance. 

DMUK has been working with a number of different companies to find a solution to this problem. There are now a number of options available  which DMUK is helping to promote to disabled people and petrol retailers which enable users to summon help.

  • Contacta - devised a handy alert system called MyHailo. Drivers have a small fob in their vehicle which they use to summon help and the petrol station has a receiver. Once the system is activated by the customer the attendant will press a button so the customer knows help is on the way and as soon as they can they are there to help. 



Visit the website to see where the system is available and to purchase your key fob.


  • Fuel Service - an app will let you find a petrol station know in advance of arrival if there is a person available to help you at the petrol station before you arrive. For no smartphone users there is a text messaging service you cane use. It is currently being trialled in the North West with Shell garages, with a nationwide rollout planned later this year. 




  • assist-Mi - is a phone app called assist-mi which enables users to let a petrol station know they are arriving and what help is needed.