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Super Bright 3 Mode Front and Rear LED Lights

Super Bright 3 Mode Front and Rear LED Lights

£4.50 incl. VAT

Sold in a set of two (one front and one rear, battery included).

These lights are 3 Mode (3 lighting modes with permanent on, slow flash and fast flash modes) Front and Rear are very versatile.  They can be used by scooter and wheelchair users; are waterproof and easy to attach to side bars, wheels, handlebars and seat posts as well as helmets, pet collars, straps, or bags. These lights can be attached and be removed in seconds thanks to the built-in mounting bands that are manufactured from super flexible silicone. They provide a strong and movement free grip (which is vibration resistant) and give a versatile and super-quick fitting to and much more.

They can also serve as a backup lights for your main lights.

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