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Keep Railway Station Ticket Offices Open

Posted in General News on Friday, July 21st, 2023

A petition has been launched requesting that the government forgoes plans to close railway station ticket offices, keeping them open for those who use them. The petition currently has over 50,000 signatures but 100,000 signatures are required for this issue to be considered for debate in parliament. If you would like to sign the petition you can do it by visiting

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joanna gardner's Gravatar
joanna gardner

Friday, September, 1st, 2023

Ticket offices should stay open to assist disabled, blind and old people negotiate buying tickets. Billingshurst station very often has a ticket machine that is out of order, does one then get on the train with no ticket?

Jane's Gravatar

Saturday, July, 22nd, 2023

Don’t close ticket offices The upheaval and difficulties for older and disabled people will be too much. Many of us still use cash. It is just another means of dehumanising society. We don’t want it. Tell the WEF to leave us alone. Govt take note we are tired of being pushed about. You will pay at the election. Mick Lynch for Prime Minister!!