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Bus Service Accessibility Improved

Posted in General News on Monday, April 17th, 2023

The Department for Transport (DfT) is introducing new regulations which require almost every bus and coach service to provide audible announcements and visual displays warning passengers of each upcoming stop and beginning of any diversions. This long-awaited change will potentially make bus travel easier for disabled people. Brighton and Hove and Blackpool are two examples where this requirement has already been implemented and it has been proven to benefit disabled bus service users in these areas.

The Transport Select Committee has stated that bus services are “hanging by a thread”. Unless more funding is found to build a bus network fit for the post-pandemic world, we will continue to see bus services in some areas just disappearing. “Public transport must be safe, affordable and reliable and those of us who depend on buses need services that we can rely on.”

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ChrisK's Gravatar

Thursday, April, 20th, 2023

Being able to hear announcements or seeing display boards is the least of most disabled folk problems with bus and trains and is just another government and local council thing to make the poor folk feel good that there being looked after when there actually not. A vast majority are afraid to leave there homes never mind actually getting to a bus stop where you might be lucky the bus hasn’t been cancel. Just how do they propose disabled folk actually get to a bus stop, loved to hear that one.