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Drone Unit Deployed to Spot Dangerous Drivers

Posted in General News on Monday, April 17th, 2023

Devon and Cornwall Police have started using drones to record the driving habits of the residents in an effort to improve road safety. An official Drone Unit has partnered with the road police teams to spot dangerous and illegal driving. Due to the changeable weather we see in the UK these drones have been fitted with innovative technology to make sure they can continue to work in varying weather conditions and temperatures. The new unit states that the drones can record the speed of vehicles as well as any incidents and this video footage can be used as proof. The drones can also be used to track a vehicle’s MOT, insurance and tax status and determine if it is stolen or not. The drones can record a vehicle from up to four miles away. The introduction of drones by the police to track road users is a first for the UK – and the evidence recorded could lead to fines and penalty points for drivers. In more serious cases, footage will be used in court. Chief Inspector Ben Asprey, Head of Roads Policing at Devon & Cornwall Police, said: "Sadly last year was a terrible year for serious and fatal collisions involving motorcyclists. In 2022, 16 motorcyclists were killed on Devon and Cornwall’s roads – the highest figure in the past five years. A further 187 were also left seriously injured.”

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