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Drink Driving Surges in the Festive Period

Posted in General News on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

The car leasing comparison site are urging people to stay sober at Christmas parties as drink driving collisions increase dramatically over the festive period. Motorists are being warned that while many people may feel fine after a few pints this could well be over the legal limit, therefore it is best to avoid alcohol altogether if you are planning to drive back home. Even having two pints of beer or a glass of wine can put you over the drink drive limit. There are several factors that influence the impact that alcohol has on an individual including, weight, metabolism, sex, age, medication, and food intake. Alcohol may also remain in the system the day after it has been consumed. The stronger the drink the longer it will remain in the body. 

Convictions for drink driving are severe, large fines and the risk of imprisonment or a driving ban can ruin Christmas, so it is advisable to plan ahead and book a taxi or a designated driver. Tim Alcock from said: “Most of us think that we’re fine to drive back home after having a couple of pints or a glass of wine at our Christmas parties, but actually this can put most of us over the legal drinking limit. We want to send out a clear message to anyone planning to drink over the festive period - if you’re driving back home this Christmas, just don’t drink at all. It can be tempting to have a warm mulled wine or a pint with friends to celebrate the festivities, but it’s important to remember: if you’re drinking don’t drive, and if you’re driving, don’t drink.” 

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Edmund Hobby's Gravatar
Edmund Hobby

Wednesday, November, 23rd, 2022

Due to health problems and medication I cannot drink alcohol. I was retired from the Police some 30 yrs ago BUT still remember the carnage both to Humans and vehicles being the aftermath of drink driving. As you state in your article even a small amount of alcohol can impair your judgement, one small drink could be the end of a life. Unfortunately like many of my retired colleagues , and those still working, we bear the scars of Road Traffic Accidents or is it Road Traffic Incidents, because no matter how together you think you are there is still an after effect. My worst memory is of 12 seriously injured and 2 dead including a 16yr old. Drink Drive and Drugs. A drunken fight outside a club and a stoned M/cylist ploughing through the approximately 110mph. Would you like to be the person that has to go and inform the relatives? My Wife freaked when I came home covered in blood etc. I was so tired I did not notice. Please don't drink and drive!!!!!

Gerald's Gravatar

Sunday, December, 4th, 2022

Many years ago I was a police officer in the Met and it was not unusual to have all the cells in the nick filled with drunk drivers (we had 12 cells). On the occasions that I arrested a drink drive the typical response was " haven't you got anything better to do rather than harrasing drives? Why don't you go after real criminals?" The reality is, far more people are killed or injured eah year on the road than attacks with knives or guns. Going to a house to tell then a loved one had been killed on the roads by a drunk driver was by far the worse bit of the job. As far as most PC,s are concerned, getting a drunk drive.slammed up was always a good result. I would be happy if the penalties after conviction were doubled. Seeing a dead 3 year old, dead in the road leaves a mark for life! Incidently, many over those arrested were middle aged, middle class women, so, it's not just the boy racers.