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Disability Cost of Living Payments Begin

Posted in General News on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

The rollout of the £150 Disability Cost of Living Payments began on 20th September. The payments will be received by people who are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Adult or Child Disability Payment and more. You must have received a payment (or later receive a payment) of one of these qualifying benefits for 25th May 2022 to get the payment. Those who are eligible should have received their payment by early October.

These payments come as part of the governments £37billion support package which includes the Energy Price Guarantee. This guarantee will be in place for the next two winters and it could save households as much as £1,000 per year on their energy bills. Work and Pensions Secretary, Chloe Smith, said: “We know disabled people face additional costs and this government is listening and taking decisive action to protect the most vulnerable in our society. This multi-billion-pound package of support reinforces our commitment to help UK households, particularly those with disability challenges, through the tough times ahead.”

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Anthony Barnett's Gravatar
Anthony Barnett

Friday, September, 23rd, 2022

The people who park on pavement’s are totally inconsiderate & only think of them selves! No thought for anyone else, apart for Number one! I would & haven’t parked on pavement’s , why aren’t they given parking tickets!! It’s discussing! & very upsetting for disabled people & mothers with pushchairs ! Thank you Anthony Barnett.

Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

Checked myBank Balance and so far no sign of said payment. But then I’m not surprised having not received one penny of the Governments so called payment help. Being Disabled and a Pensioner, I have never received Universal Credit because PIP recipients were not included despite our financial needs being as much as other Benefit recipients. To me this is nothing short of Benefit discrimination by our own Government, backed up with lie after lie.

Shaun Botterill's Gravatar
Shaun Botterill

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

The disabled have never had a fair deal from the Government, the extra £150 we are getting is a drop in the ocean with all of the extra costs that we have to deal with on an almost daily basis. A lot of disabled benefit claimants have already lost out with getting the extra £20 uplift that EVERYONE on universal credit received during lockdown. I feel the cold quite a bit and it does affect me horribly, with the cost of gas & electric going up by a large amount means I will be having to choose weather to eat or heat.

W.M. Ingle 's Gravatar
W.M. Ingle

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

As a person who is a receiver of DLA, Pension Credit and various other benefits, Lix Truss needs to be reminded that I am not a tax payer therefore cannot benefit from a tax reduction. Twice nothing is still nothing.

Daniel Joseph WILLIAMS's Gravatar
Daniel Joseph WILLIAMS

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

I get DLA, Mobility enhanced but not allowed pension credit due to my nhs pension and state pension they say is over the limit - they don't pay the bills, I do plus I have not had the £150 to date.

andrew hudson's Gravatar
andrew hudson

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

why does everyone get £400 pounds but disabled only£150,does not seem right