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Housebuilders Lobbied Against EV Chargepoint Installation

Posted in General News on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

According to documents recently released by the government some of Britain’s most prominent housebuilders privately lobbied to cancel the planned law changes which are going to make it mandatory for all new homes to be built with electric vehicle (EV) chargers installed. Companies such as Barratt Developments, Vistry Group, Berkley Group and Taylor and Wimpey attempted to stop the government from introducing the legislation. These firms raised their objections because of the rising cost of installing the chargepoints and the fact that fewer homes would be built as a result. It was also argued that making the installations mandatory could mean that homeowners were left with outdated equipment in the years to come and that this would limit their choice of electric vehicle. Matt Finch, Transport and Environments UK Policy Manager, commented: “It’s absurd that housebuilders attempted to hold back progress and slow down the drive to net zero. In the future, all cars will be electric, and futureproofing new homes with charging infrastructure is an obvious step to take.”

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Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

Typical builde/developers. So the simple answer to the argument on outdated equipment, demand that the Government stipulate Car manufacturing to come up with a generic system. Apple managed it with the charging leads, so why cannot charger makers do likewise? As for claiming that less homes would be built, typical, revert to blackmail. The chargers will come down in price if purchased in bulk, they don’t swallow up ground space so how can a developer legitimately claim the loss of a few houses on a site, utter rubbish.

Neil chamberlain's Gravatar
Neil chamberlain

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

Yet another attempt by greedy irresponsible housebuilders to dodge efforts to build up to date modern homes they already build substandard buildings that owners will have to take further steps and cost to bring uptodate building industry a complete shambles and corrupt they think donating a few million to tories they are doing well

Edmund Hobby's Gravatar
Edmund Hobby

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

Due to my Wifes deterioating health, I have had to change my Motability car early. We need a car with a hoist. It is petrol. I did think of an electric car BUT none that we could afford ( upfront payment) were capable of being modified to take the hoist, with a flat floor etc. Not so many years ago the Boss of one of our esteemed developers was paid a £70 million bonus. IF developers are concerend about charging points becoming obsolete why not lobby the manufacturers of this equipment.

Edmund Hobby's Gravatar
Edmund Hobby

Thursday, September, 22nd, 2022

Not so many years ago the Boss of one of the developers was paid a £70 million bonus. To use the excuse that charging equipment will become obsolete, instead of whingeing at the Govt whinge at the charging point manufacturers. Of course they won't, possibly as all the equipment comes from China. I have just had to ask Motability to allow an early change of our car as my Wife's health has deterioated and we need a hoist to get her scooter into the car. We did consider an all electric BUT with energy costs going through the roof and the fact that vehicles that can have a hoist and the dimensions of the boot the electric cars that were in the criteria we cannot afford the upfront cost. Being 81 and have no idea how long the DVLA will allow me to drive we plumped for a Seat Arona. I must add off subject but Motability have been fantastic. From my request to the order of the car was less than a week and before I could order I had to pay the £250 early change fee. In this week was a bank holiday.

Richard Fowler's Gravatar
Richard Fowler

Friday, September, 23rd, 2022

As far as I can tell, the government proposals for ACCESSIBLE CHARGEPOINTS being developed with Motability and BSI will not mandate 100% accessible chargepoints but simply leave this to providers and arrange for software to indicate if a chargepoint is a]accessible b] partly accessible or c] fully accessible.