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Motorists' Fears Surveyed

Posted in General News on Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

According to new research conducted by the road safety charity IAM RoadSmart drivers are growing increasingly concerned about driving on Britain’s roads. Smart motorways raised the most concern. The survey of 1,004 motorists, indicated that 60% of motorists were worried about driving for one reason or another. This potentially represents 24 million of the 40 million fully licensed drivers in the UK. When it comes to the type of roads in question, 33% of those surveyed said that they were most worried about driving on smart motorways, making it the most feared road type by some distance. This compares to 6% of motorists who are worried about using motorways with a hard shoulder. Just 14% of motorists were most concerned about driving on rural roads despite most fatal road accidents happening on them. Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart, said: “Our research has laid bare the staggering number of people who feel worried about driving on Britain’s roads. We would encourage drivers to do all they can to re-educate themselves, especially during National Road Victim Month, on how to navigate the unique challenges and considerations each road type presents.”

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MR A E DEAVES's Gravatar

Wednesday, August, 24th, 2022

As disabled driver, I don't feel safe on the roads of the UK anymore, what with road rage people in general being in considerate, parking disabled bay because the have a right to park anywhere and when you need a policeman there are none to be seen. I report an incident from a few years back while waiting for my wife two young men in a top rated BMW can over and started urinate up another persons car then they came over me and threaten me with violence. I reported to the police got a crime number and got a crime number. Lets say they were high and may of been involved in county lines as they were both as high as kites! The sate of road in Cambridgeshire are bad potholes bumps and lumps as someone with a degenerative spinal arthritis every lump, bump, and pole gives me pain. It as if we as community don't matter a fig to any MP or councillor