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Cars with the Highest MOT Pass Rates Revealed

Posted in General News on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

The Bill Plant Driving School has studied Department for Transport (DfT) data to reveal the cars with the highest MOT pass rates. Top of the list was the Peugeot 108 with a MOT pass rate of 85.90%, second on the list was the Mini Cooper with a pass rate of 84.73%, third on the list was the Skoda Citigo with a pass rate of 83.95%.

The driving school also investigated the most common vehicle faults. To collect this data the Driving School has taken government data on almost 9,000 vehicle models and ran it through a tool to discover the number of google searches relating to different faults to see which ones are most commonly occurring. First on the list was engine trouble. Brake and seatbelt faults were also searched regularly.

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