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Drivers Warned Against Consistently Running on Low Fuel

Posted in General News on Friday, June 10th, 2022

Many drivers are searching for a way to lower their fuel costs after petrol and diesel prices hit record highs. Some motorists have taken to only filling up their tanks halfway to save on weight and therefore improve fuel economy. However, according to the online based second-hand car seller, this only reduces the weight of the car by 2.5% and while this practice would save some money, consistently driving a car when it is low on fuel can damage the engine leading to costly repair bills. Drivers are being advised to always calculate how much fuel they will need and make sure they have extra in the tank in case their plans change. Keep in mind that fuel is more expensive at motorway service stations too.

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Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Friday, June, 10th, 2022 are having a laugh aren’t they? It’s not a case of saving weight to improve economy, it’s a case of what’s left in the wallet. Most of us these days simply cannot afford to fill up the tank. I put £30.00 of Diesel in the tank yesterday at a Supermarket, it cost that much to not even manage a quarter tank. Six months ago that was enough for half a tank. Going further back in time ie, five years ago and that was nearer three quarters of a tank. Motorists are being constantly fleeced by fuel producers and equally by the “Sheriff of Westminster”. Where is the Robin Hood for today, certainly not our shifty Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Janet Fitch's Gravatar
Janet Fitch

Friday, June, 10th, 2022

Fuel prices have gone up by 50p a ltr in 3 months which is a considerable amount. If you used to fill your car up a lot of people won't now be able to afford to do it

ChrisK's Gravatar

Sunday, June, 12th, 2022

I’m doing it the other way around and re-filling the tank when it get to half empty to stop me crying at the pumps every time I need fuel. As for the Robin Hood he can be found in the counting house counting out his money he made by not lifting a finger to get it along with all the supermarkets who are not the slightest bit worried about losing your trade because they know that all the other supermarket are taking you for a ride too for fuel and a loaf of bread so its take it or leave it. Oh and don’t worry I’m sure the PM can still afford a few parties to celebrate our suffering.