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Sirus Automotive Customer Testimonial

Posted in General News on Monday, April 25th, 2022

“I wouldn’t swap it for the world. I have my freedom back.”

DMUK Corporate Member, Sirus Automotive share a recent customer testimonial.

Retired teacher Susan sustained a spinal injury in 2015. Last year she regained her independence with a Sirus Internal Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). Sue tells us why she loves driving and how a side entry WAV works so well for her.

“Before my accident I could just jump in the car and go out, I felt robbed of my freedom. Now I have my Sirus Internal Transfer WAV I have my freedom back!  To get in and out of my car I just press the button on my key fob, the side sliding door and ramp open.  It only takes one minute to get in, it really is ‘fuss free’. Entering from the side is brilliant and makes parking easy as I can park on-street or in a Blue Badge bay. There is plenty of space to get in and out as the ramp is so short.

Transferring Internally

Before my Sirus WAV I had an adapted Ford Focus. I had to dismantle my wheelchair and lift it which caused back pain. Now I transfer to the driver’s seat via a powered six-way seat and secure my wheelchair inside the WAV.

I have two rear seats as standard and the boot is operated automatically. All I have to do it press the key fob to open and close it! It’s a brilliant feature”.

Sue’s WAV is a Ford Tourneo Connect. To read Sue’s full story, visit the Sirus website.


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