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Government Crackdown on Drug Driving

Posted in General News on Friday, April 22nd, 2022

People who are convicted of drug driving could be required to complete rehabilitation programs before they are permitted to drive again under new proposals to tackle an underestimated problem. In 2020 713 people were seriously injured in a collision involving a driver under the influence of drugs. This number is up from 499 in 2016 with some police forces arresting more drug drivers than drink drivers. Currently drug drivers when caught are punished with a driving ban, prison sentence or a fine, but they are not required to complete a rehabilitation program unlike drink drivers. 

In a call for evidence the government is asking whether drug drivers should also have to undergo rehabilitation to better protect the public. Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps commented: “Drink-driving is now rightly seen as a social taboo by most of us in this country and we have worked hard to drive down drink-drive related deaths. But, if we are to make our roads safer still, there is no room to be lax on drug-driving, which is why I have launched this call for evidence. It’s only right that drug-drivers must undergo rehabilitation before getting back behind the wheel, helping protect the public from this hidden problem and stamping out drug-driving for good.” 

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Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Monday, April, 25th, 2022

Sadly this problem has for decades, simply been brushed under the carpet. Too often, Police have either not been given kits available to test drivers, or out of laziness simply not bothered. It’s been far too easy just to Breathalyser and when the test comes back negative, just let drivers continue their journey Governments have not helped the situation by hoping it will all just “go away”, they have for decades pretended the Nation does not have a massive Drug Culture. Now when accidents are on the rise, people are starting to demand answers. Like the Drink Drive campaign, the public need a graphic proof of the effects Drugs have on all who are affected.

Penny McCabe's Gravatar
Penny McCabe

Monday, April, 25th, 2022

I live in an area where drugs and drug driving seems to be socially acceptable even almost expected. As a disabled car user ( I'm unable to drive ) and a mother of a driver, I fear for our safety, every time we get in the car and as my son drives long distances for his work I worry even more for him. This judicial system is far too lax on people who flout our laws, if someone is injured by a drunk or drug driver, it should carry the same penalty as attempted murder, and if someone is killed by them then it should be murder. Anyone caught with any illicit substance in their systems should serve a prison sentence and have to complete rehab. If they are caught again face a lifetime ban and a 3rd time a long prison term. That might just put a stop to it. This country is far too soft on all offenders, and its time they got tough.

David Rose's Gravatar
David Rose

Monday, April, 25th, 2022

This is an interesting development. However, it should be noted that the current arrangements for drink-drive rehabilitation courses are not compulsory for people convicted of this offence. A Court will offer access to a DDR course whereby the convicted driver can achieve a 25 per cent reduction in the length of the disqualification, but this entirely voluntary. In terms of drug driving, the Magistrates' Courts in England and Wales have the option of sentencing an offender to a community order with a drug treatment requirement, if there are sufficient aggravating features present. Either way, driving whilst impaired due to excessive alcohol consumption or drug use is a very real problem and needs to made socially unacceptable.

Phil Hughes's Gravatar
Phil Hughes

Wednesday, April, 27th, 2022

Things need ti be sorted as this also applies to prescription drugs. Please ask your GP’s, consultants and pharmacies fir advice.