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AA Calls for updated Vehicle Safety Equipment

Posted in General News on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

The AA is afraid that the UK will risk falling behind the rest of Europe if new vehicle safety regulations are not introduced which do not disadvantage women and older drivers. Currently all crash test dummies used in UK vehicle safety tests are based on the anatomy of an average male and therefore so are the particulars of the resulting safety measures such as seatbelts and airbags. However, research conducted by the AA has found that women drivers are 47% more likely to sustain serious injury in the event of a crash because the safety equipment is not suited to them. Furthermore, women were found to be a lot more likely to suffer injury to their legs, this is thought to be because they generally sit closer to the pedals. A new package of safety measures to improve these issues was finalised while Britain was still in the EU, is being phased in the European Union but there isn’t a legal requirement for Britain to adopt them. Luke Bosdet, of the AA, stated that Britain risked falling behind the rest of Europe, and that ‘our best hope’ was that British-based manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover may introduce the measures anyway due to the logistics of creating two production lines for two sets of regulations.”

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Christopher Kay's Gravatar
Christopher Kay

Friday, April, 15th, 2022

Like the national press the motoring press also come up with some of the most ridiculous statements. So the AA think that cars mostly manufactured in the EU will be made just for the UK market and UK manufactures will be removing equipment from the cars to sell in their biggest market, the EU. That isn’t how mass production work. In or out of the EU the UK will follow EU regulations in car manufacturing and in fact the UK government have already said that when we left the EU as it's pointless having a two opposing systems with our close neighbours.