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Latest EV Take-up Statistics

Posted in General News on Friday, March 4th, 2022

A survey of 2,000 motorists conducted by the tyre specialists Bridgestone indicates that many UK motorists are now preparing for the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) with 67% actively planning to replace their petrol or diesel car. The majority of these people cite the benefits of using EVs with 56% focusing on the environmental benefits, 47% looking forward to the savings they are going to make on fuel, a further 23% cite the tax benefits and finally, 13% are looking forward to a reduction in noise pollution. The survey, which was commissioned by YouGov, also shows that people seem to be well informed regarding the EV switchover. 67% of those surveyed are aware that the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles comes in in 2035 and of those people 22% were keen for it to be brought forward to 2030. Some people (27%) would also like to learn new driving tips to get the most out of their EV. Bridgestone North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said: “We are investing in our mobility solutions like never before, with new products, charging points and training in place for the full integration of EV travel. With this in mind, it is great to see that the general public are also on board with the technology and the huge changes that are beginning to be seen.”

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Andy Hollingbery's Gravatar
Andy Hollingbery

Friday, March, 4th, 2022

Aren't they lucky, those that can afford to replace perfectly serviceable petrol and diesel cars with EV's? I purchased my diesel var at the time when we were encouraged to do so and spent far more than I had reckoned, but, i thought, have it regularly serviced and take good care of it and it will last me to the end of my driving career. This it will do, but I am now to be treated as a pariah! It's bad enough that I get abused because I have "privileged" parking in free and best areas with the use of my blue badge. Come on Government, be honest, EV's are not so environmentally friendly when you consider that many are replacing perfectly good petrol/diesel vehicles at a huge cost to the environment in scrapping them, not to mention the the environmentally damaging costs of mining the heavy metals needed to manufacture batteries and what about disposing of spent batteries? How about the DMA waking up to these costs, lobbying the Government to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, AND obtaining some kind of compensation to the (often) hard up disabled driver for obeying Government advice in the passed.