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National Highways Smart Motorway Campaign

Posted in General News on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

National Highways has launched a film based campaign to highlight the traffic flow benefits of an all lane running (ALR) smart motorway, show drivers what to do in an emergency and explain the importance of not driving in a lane when a red X symbol is displayed above it in the overhead gantries. If you would like to view National Highway’s films which also show the benefit of the smart technology used on the motorway go to

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David's Gravatar

Wednesday, February, 2nd, 2022

Asking any Road Policing Officer how safe the Hard Shoulder of a Motorway is, will result in the answer that it`s a VERY dangerous place, considering that traffic does not normally run on the hard shoulder, and the factor that the very people responsible for policing the Motorways consider the Hard Shoulder to be a dangerous place, WHY will National Highways still not countenance the very idea that something could be wrong with the All Lane Running system. As a disabled driver, to exit my vehicle I need to open my door to its full extent, swing my legs out and lever myself to my feet using two walking sticks, realistically trying to do this within the width of a single Motorway lane even if by some miracle it had been closed, would simply not be possible, I would be dead or very seriously injured before I reached the end of the process, as for climbing over Armco crash barriers to a safe area, just not possible, and I am sure that many others reading this are in a similar position, a breakdown on an All Lane running on Motorway would be an exceptionally dangerous situation. This film may make a difference, but it will not stop the idiots that think rules do not apply to them or those that are not giving full attention to the road like the van driver driving well over the 70 mph speed limit while eating sandwiches and drinking soft drinks from a can (M62 Nr Leeds, Friday 28th Jan)

Nathan 's Gravatar

Thursday, February, 3rd, 2022

It's a shame the film doesn't also include the stats on the number of fatalities directly caused by All Lane Running where there is no hard shoulder available.