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Greater Support for Airline Customers Receiving Poor Service

Posted in General News on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

This week the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has proposed new rules to make it easier for airline customers to get compensation when they do not receive an acceptable level of service. These changes would mean that customers would be able to claim compensation based on the amount of time that a flight is delayed rather than having to meet or exceed the threshold of a three hour delay. The government is also considering making it mandatory for airlines to join the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme. This would give customers a way to escalate certain complaints which cannot be settled between themselves and the airline in question. Under the current regulations there are two ADR providers in the UK and airlines can join voluntarily.  

The proposals are also aimed at strengthening the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) powers to protect the interests of both customers and airlines. For example, the new proposals would give the CAA more power to enforce consumer protection law and fine airlines directly if this law is breached. Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps commented: “People deserve a service that puts passengers first when things go wrong, so today I’ve launched proposals that aim to bolster airline consumer protections and rights. We’re making the most of our Brexit dividend with our new freedoms outside of the EU and this review will help build a trustworthy, reputable sector.” 

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