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Do Motorists Know When They are Over the Drink Drive Limit?

Posted in General News on Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Researchers from Cambridge University asked 90 people to drink beer or wine or both and judge the point at which they thought they had surpassed the drink-drive limit. Worryingly 53% of the participants believed they were still within the limit when they weren’t. With this in mind, the authors of the study are urging motorists to consider the amount of alcohol they have consumed rather than how they perceive themselves to feel. It is hoped that this will help people to make better judgments about when they are safe to drive. This message is particularly important during the festive period.

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Elaine Gaussen's Gravatar
Elaine Gaussen

Wednesday, January, 5th, 2022

People also need to be made more aware of the effects of alcohol in their blood from the night beg=fore driving the next day!