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National Highways EV Charging Investment

Posted in General News on Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Thanks to a multimillion-pound investment from National Highways finding somewhere to rapidly charge an electric vehicle (EV) on a long journey is set to become easier. The government owned organisation plans to invest in Energy Storage Systems which fundamentally function as huge battery packs to be used by service stations were the grid supply is not sufficient to support rapid charging infrastructure. 

It is hoped that these chargers will lessen range anxiety by improving the network of charge points for motorists using England’s motorways and major A-roads. The government wants to see 6,000 rapid charge points on the motorway network by 2035. 

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Jill McKeown 's Gravatar
Jill McKeown

Friday, December, 24th, 2021

Sadly I’m feeling more like a second class citizen every day. plans to ban cars in Manchester mean I may not be able to get to hospital appointments.The car park has recently got rid of 2 disabled spaces to provide charging points.I can’t manage without a car and cannot afford an electric one.Even worse my local hospital has converted3 disabled spaces to 2 charging points and they are closest to the entrance!

Jill McKeown 's Gravatar
Jill McKeown

Friday, December, 24th, 2021

I agree with RonWatts, especially when you see how the 3rd world workers, who mine the minerals needed for car batteries, are treated. On a more personal note the 2 hospitals I have to attend regularly are converting some disabled spaces to charging points. I can’t afford an electric car.

Jane Shelton's Gravatar
Jane Shelton

Thursday, December, 23rd, 2021

I travelled to Norfolk recently and as there is not a motorway that goes that way, you have to plan your journey with the few charging point that are around. Could do with more charging point and more accessible charging points, the charging bays need to be bigger for disabled divers

Ron Watts's Gravatar
Ron Watts

Thursday, December, 23rd, 2021

My nearest "blood" family lives 150 miles from where I live. I travel to see them about once a month. I am wheelchair dependent and would not be able to do the journey if I had an electric vehicle without having to stop twice to recharge safely. All the time this situation occurs I will stick to my clean running diesel car of a couple of years age where I do not have this problem and still have half a tank of fuel left in my tank after doing a return journey. I think we went wrong by going battery instead of fuel cell.


Friday, December, 24th, 2021

My Motability vehicle is due to exchange within a year and I would like to acquire an EV but the lack of recharging points almost everywhere, especially on motorways as i travel quite a lot really raises many doubts. Until then maybe the situation hopefully may improve.

H Brammer's Gravatar
H Brammer

Thursday, December, 23rd, 2021

This looks like the usual drop in the ocean, too little too late.

william Forrester's Gravatar
william Forrester

Friday, December, 24th, 2021

I have yet to see a wheelchair accessible charge point in the public domain. This impression was backed up by a recent TV programme mainly talking about how many points were not working or had v different payment schemes that were complex to use. Apologies...I forget the programme's name but guess you may remember it as it's your area of expertise. This left me thinking that an electric car would be a mistake for me...especially as my parking area is c 40 feet from my house with no electricity nearby. I hope you may be able to disabuse me of this opinion