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Top tips when considering a new or Approved Used wheelchair accessible vehicle

Posted in General News on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Are you thinking about purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?  Leading upfront WAV converter, Sirus Automotive gives us their top tips helps you to understand the options available.  
A good place to start is to decide where you would like to sit.  
Drive From Wheelchair 
Designed for wheelchair users who want to drive, this is the ideal solution if you cannot transfer from your wheelchair to a standard driver’s seat. This vehicle is designed to be fully automated, so you have complete freedom and independence. Have you seen Sirus’ latest Drive From Wheelchair vehicle, the VW Caddy 5?  
Internal Transfer 
An Internal Transfer WAV is designed to enable the wheelchair user to transfer to a standard driver’s seat. It includes a powered rotating six-way seat which moves up, down, forwards, backwards, and rotates 90 degrees for the optimum transfer position.  
The ideal solution for wheelchair users who want to travel next to the driver. An increasing popular solution, many people prefer sitting in the front so you can communicate with the driver, control the music, temperature etc.  
Rear Passenger  
It’s not an option we provide, but there are many companies that design WAV’s where you can sit in the back. 
Funding – Motability Scheme 
Next on the list is to decide how you would like to finance your WAV. Many people tend to use the Motability Scheme to lease a brand-new vehicle, which includes insurance, MOT and service. You can use the Motability Scheme if you receive the mobility component of PIP or DLA. You exchange your allowance to lease a WAV, usually for a period of five years.  

Funding – private purchase  
You may decide you want to purchase the vehicle outright. If so there are various finance providers who specialise in WAV finance. Read more.  
Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles  
A very popular option - the main benefit is that you can be on the road in just 1-2 weeks. Before you select a used WAV provider, ensure you ask the following questions; 
Has the WAV been thoroughly serviced, checked, and refurbished?  
Have you seen the vehicle? Ask for a free home demonstration.  
Check if there is a warranty is included (Sirus include a 2-year RAC Warranty and 1-year RAC Roadside Assist with all used vehicles).  
Ask if the MOT is included (Sirus include a minimum of 9-months MOT). 
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