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DVLA Digital Services Campaign

Posted in General News on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has launched a campaign to encourage motorists to try to use the agency’s online services as much as possible, rather than submitting paper applications which take longer to process. The online services the agency is focusing on with this digital services campaign are:  

Renewing your llcence at 70 

Renewing your photocard licence 

Informing the DVLA that you’ve brought/sold a vehicle 

The agency is keen to stress that their online services are easy to use and that they are the quickest way of interacting with them. They are also very secure and safe to use.   

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chrisk's Gravatar

Tuesday, December, 7th, 2021

Used the online form for my first over 70 renewal, sent Friday and license fell on my door mat Tuesday. There was nothing to change, just a simple renewal but might take more time if you have reportable medical things they don’t know about.

Vicky's Gravatar

Thursday, December, 16th, 2021

Electric. Scooter car 3 wheel told need tax licences I'm disabled can help