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Driving without glasses

Posted in General News on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

One in ten drivers break the law by not wearing their prescribed glasses when driving. By doing this they are risking voiding their car insurance and losing their licence. 

Contact lens retailer, Lenstore surveyed 1,029 UK drivers to find out how often they wear their prescriptive eyewear for driving, when they last had a sight test, and their views around testing, driving and older generations on our roads.

They also discovered that 65% of drivers don’t know the legal eyesight requirement set by the DVLA for driving safely, which is to be able to read a registration plate from 20 metres away. 67% of drivers believe people aged 60+ should not be allowed behind the wheel despite those aged 55 and over being more consistent in wearing their glasses all of the time whilst driving (61%) compared to those aged 17-24 who wear them half as much. 

27% of people believe drivers who are caught not wearing their prescribed glasses or contact lenses should face a fine, while 15% believe they should receive a driving ban.

Roshni Patel MCOptom, expert optometrist, comments: “With several accidents still taking place on the roads as a result of poor vision, it is crucial for drivers to be receiving regular eye examinations. Motorists should take an eye test at least once every two years to ensure they are fit for the roads and not causing any dangers to themselves or others. If you experience a deterioration in your eyesight or a change in your vision it is important to arrange an eye test as soon as possible. Poor eyesight can lead to a slower reaction to things happening on the road which can therefore increase the chances of an accident taking place.”

The research was carried out by Lenstore and you can find it here

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