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The London ULEZ Extension

Posted in General News on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

At the end of October, the Ultra Low Emissions Zone became 18 times larger stretching up to the north and south circular. This means that 300,000 motorists will have to pay ULEZ charges each day. However, according to a survey of 2,000 motorists conducted by the car sales website,, only 43% of those surveyed were aware of the expansion. Furthermore, just 35% were aware of the webpage they could use to check their vehicle’s ULEZ compliance. The best knowledge of the expansion was demonstrated by residents of north east London as 37% of the respondents could correctly identify the areas of this part of the capital covered by the ULEZ. Taking the expansion into consideration, it is estimated that the ULEZ will provide the Greater London Authority with £723 million per year.

A grace period on the charges applies to those whose vehicles are in the disabled taxation class and they will not be subject to the ULEZ charges until 26th October 2025.

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Andy Hollingbery's Gravatar
Andy Hollingbery

Tuesday, November, 2nd, 2021

I am totally appalled at this blatant taxation on disabled motorists. Many of us are pensioners and/or rely on benefits and hence have (often very low) fixed incomes. This not only impacts on those who live within the ULEZ but those whose relations live within the zone. We are now precluded from driving into London to visit our families. Don't tell me to use public transport. I would need to use 3 buses to get from my home to the rail station (less that 10 miles away) assuming I am able to get on/off a bus. Having arrived in London, I would need a further 2 buses to get to my daughter's. Oh well! I perhaps shouldn't expect anything better from a socialist council who declare that they support the working man. Sorry I forgot. Those who are most affected can't/don't work!

Margaret. Phillips's Gravatar
Margaret. Phillips

Wednesday, November, 3rd, 2021

I have a Disabled car , are we going to be charged to come into London from the South West of England I am a Disabled person. Think it is Disgusting they way Disabled people old or you I can come into London by disabled car . I as disabled with a bad heart A/F and Arthritis so l am not able to Travel by Train, or Coach as I can not work too far . so now it no trips to London can the government not do anything to help ,Their are thousands of people whom need a car because of Disability weather the Disability can be seen or not Boris Johnson is the PM he must be able to intervene somehow agains the Mayor of London I am 75years old. tradelling very fast to 76 Please can someone held us Pensioers and the people with Disabilities

Cate's Gravatar

Thursday, November, 11th, 2021

I get that we are trying to reduce Emissions but there isn’t any thought process for how people are affected or maybe the government doesn’t care? Im affected because my son lives in Surrey, so to visit me he must drive through the ULEZ to get to North east London . So I’m the one who suffers because my son has to pay the charge. I cannot wait to get out of London & live closer to my son. But of course that’s also what the powers that be want. Gentrify the east end & get the rif raf out! As usual, the Ultra Low Emissions Zone is just another way of stealth taxing us. Even if I had an electric car, where do I charge it? How much does it cost to have the equipment installed? Electricity is expensive! Surely we are just replacing one damaging fuel & its emissions for another. And Yes, I had no idea that there was a .gov page to look up whether my car or my Son’s is affected. And as already stated below, it is not possible for me to get a bus, a train, then another train & bus to visit my son. It would kill me.

Brian Clifford's Gravatar
Brian Clifford

Thursday, November, 11th, 2021

I recent wrote to the Mayor re ULEZ to point out that as a blue badge owner I was exempt from congestion charge but not the above as my vehicle was an eco car but did not come into the groups they exempt and I did not have vehicle exemption as I do not receive disability benefit. The reply I received was the most patronising reply I have ever received. It stated that there were plenty of eligible vehicles on the second hand market and I should sell my diesel, which is almost valueless, and buy another vehicle. Can you believe this attitude. We may be able to pay our bills but we certainly cannot afford to replace the car