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System Developed to Tackle Aquaplaning

Posted in General News on Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Researchers at Coventry University have stated that their newly developed Run Dry Traction System (RDTS) could put an end to the problem of aquaplaning and save lives. Aquaplaning occurs when water gets in between a vehicles tyres and the road causing it to lose grip. The system tackles this issue by spraying compressed fluid in front of the tyres to stop the buildup of water. 

There were 170 days of rain in the UK last year and it is estimated that wet weather conditions were the cause of 30% of all road accidents. Initial tests show that the RDTS can reduce stopping distances by three to five metres at speeds between 60 and 70mph. Mike Blundell, Professor of Vehicle Dynamics and Impact at Coventry University said: “A device like this really could be the difference between life and death if it can help vehicles to stop safely within certain distances and that’s why we’re so keen to continue developing this concept. Our tests demonstrate that RDTS has the potential to make a huge impact on vehicle safety in a whole host of conditions.” 

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