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Motorists Could Face More Hazardous Roads this Winter

Posted in General News on Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Local authorities around the UK have warned that motorists may face more dangerous roads than usual this winter due to a shortage of gritting lorries. Local authorities are calling on the government to work in conjunction with them to tackle these short-term shortages. The Local Government Association (LTA) has warned that they are struggling to compete with the salaries that are being offered to drivers by private firms, which is adding to the problem. However, David Renard, LTA Transport Spokesman commented: “As they do every year, councils will be working proactively to plan ahead and ensure that their winter services are as resilient as they can be. Councils are keen to work with government and partners to support more training for these demand sectors, however this is a lengthy process and does not alleviate the short-term pressures on frontline services. We want to work with government to address these short-term staffing issues to ensure people across the country can continue to receive the services they rely upon.” 

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