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Baywatch 2021 Results out now!

Posted in General News on Thursday, October 21st, 2021

In August we asked the public to help us with our annual Baywatch campaign. We asked disabled motorists to complete a survey about their parking experiences over the past 12 months. The results have now been calculated.

DMUK would like to thank everybody who participated in our Baywatch 2021 campaign. Once again, we received a record number of responses this year with 853 completed surveys submitted. This level of response shows that disabled parking abuse continues to be a primary concern of disabled motorists. We would also like to thank all of our supporting organisations for promoting the campaign and encouraging their supporters to take part.


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Anne Norman's Gravatar
Anne Norman

Wednesday, October, 6th, 2021

These results are inded distrubing, however, what are you and your 'partners' going to do about it? British Parking should be able to 'ticket' abusers with no pass. Goverment should make it illegal with fines and licence points for 'undue care and attention' and actually inforce it. Encourage Supermakets by getting more help with abusive customers refusing to move out of a blue badge bays. Local Councils should change the rules so that even if you are sitting in your car you need to display a blue badge. I find this is the worst, as abusers leave someone in the car as the rules state they don't need to show a badge. Stupid.

Christopher Radovcic's Gravatar
Christopher Radovcic

Thursday, October, 21st, 2021

People just parking in disabled bays now they don't care they don't worry about disabled people all they worry about is there self thank you very much for the email Chris

David Shaw's Gravatar
David Shaw

Wednesday, October, 6th, 2021

Florida has a fine for every disabled bay in the State. Well sign posted. Previous Florida Licence Holder

David Taylor's Gravatar
David Taylor

Friday, October, 22nd, 2021

I have held a Blue Badge for a realatvely short period - about ten years - but in this time have never been asked by any enfocement agency - be it a local authority or a private agency - to check my Blue Badge details and determine whether or not I am the genuine holder/user. Living in a popular coastal area designated bays are like hen's teeth in the spring/summer/autumn and regularly abused by locals and visitors alike although one nearby Local Council does regularly check it's more popular car parks and does issue tickets where there are infringements including none display of Blue Badges. My spinal condition means that I am unable to exit my vehicle, either as a driver or a passenger. without fully opening my door, so "regular" parking bays are a no-go, more so as the driver. More enforcement, more disabled bays and regular checks on Blue Badge ownership/validity are needed.

Emma West's Gravatar
Emma West

Wednesday, October, 6th, 2021

I think it's actually really difficult nowadays to know if someone is using a disabled parking bay who shouldn't be. The obvious difficulty is that because they've changed the eligibility criteria there are now a lot of people without any physical limitations who are eligible for a blue badge eg in particular people with mental health issues, there are also a lot of hidden disabilities. I'm lucky in that I no longer subject myself to the annoyance any more - I either shop online or if I do go into a supermarket I go on a mobility scooter, no parking hassles involved! But I appreciate these might not be options for others but I don't honestly know what the solution is...

Simon Sheridan's Gravatar
Simon Sheridan

Wednesday, October, 6th, 2021

It’s extremely difficult to park in disability spaces. Now more than ever. I believe that in part it’s the rise of delivery drivers. Who frankly don’t care where they park.

Simon Sheridan's Gravatar
Simon Sheridan

Wednesday, October, 6th, 2021

It’s extremely difficult to park in disability spaces. Now more than ever. I believe that in part it’s the rise of delivery drivers. Who frankly don’t care where they park.

Mr Neil Munro's Gravatar
Mr Neil Munro

Tuesday, October, 19th, 2021

Unless Local Authorities start doing better things will never change. In Leeds Disabled bays have been rem oved in some areas and when speaking to some Traffic enforcement officers (who only seem to appear in the morning then disappear) they are selective(if non UK plates plates or ethnic persons I have never seen them ask to look at photograph on rear of Disabled Blue Badge. In Europe try to park unauthorised in a marked Disabled bay you get a ticket or towed away. I have been told by some Enforcement Officers they get no back up from Councils if the person with the vehicle refuses to show the photograph (Infringement of human rights) they state is often used!! As for police... No my job its the council. Which as an ex police officer annoys me. Also EFO do not tell Disabled drivers to park reasonably so other Disabled drivers can get into bay. Many Disabled either leave a gap at front of end of bay(not even a pram could park) or overhang into the next bay. NO Ticket is never issued as far as I know. If councils would mark each bay with bays then we could park properly in each one rather than just a long bay for several cars with no breaking line for each bay!! Despite discussion Councils NOT INTERESTED. GOOD LUCK.

Brian Wilson's Gravatar
Brian Wilson

Thursday, October, 7th, 2021

Parking in public places, like Supermarkets and other places should patrolled by the local authorities parking wardens to ensure display of BlueBadges and check for FAKE BADGES.

John Neale's Gravatar
John Neale

Sunday, October, 10th, 2021


Happy camper 's Gravatar
Happy camper

Thursday, October, 21st, 2021

Amount of times I pull into a disabled parking bay and see the badge holder sat reading newspaper or magazine etc, whilst spouse, friend etc is inside supermarket doing shopping if I have ever mentioned that the badge holder shouldn’t be using the bay if not getting out of vehicle all I am ever told is “well I’ve got blue badge” which they will wave at me, it is annoying not being able to park.

Happy camper 's Gravatar
Happy camper

Thursday, October, 21st, 2021

Annoying to find badge holder’s sitting in car while spouse, friends etc doing shopping even though the booklet that is received with blue badge states that shouldn’t happen if politely explained to the driver badge holder they are taking a bay that someone may need usually get a rude reply and badge waved at me.

Philip Jones's Gravatar
Philip Jones

Monday, November, 1st, 2021

I think that it should be illegal to use a disabled bay without a badge. I am on the highest dose of morphine for my pain which makes me forgetful. A few weeks ago I forgot to put my badge on display and had my appeal against the ticket I got turned down. With todays technology why is there not a scanning system so that they can scan your number plate to avoid the stress of going through the appeals system. Another thing I think is that the government have a website so that you can take a picture of the abusers and send it to the website and give them fines and points on their license.